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Today is also a good day for...

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Previous Entry Today is also a good day for... May. 30th, 2005 @ 03:13 pm Next Entry

The Memorial Prayer

Color of the day: Green
Incense of the day: Chrysanthemum

Today we honor war veterans. Find an object symbolic of some-one you wish to remember, and place it on your altar as an offering of thanks for those who have fought for freedom. Spend a few minutes today reading about history, watch a documentary program, or visit a memorial site and speak these words, either out loud or to yourself:

Today we honor those who have fought and those who have fallen.
Life holds many battles.
Lend us their strength,
grant us their courage.

I like to do this because of everyone I've known who has faught in wars, died in wars, and survived wars.

**dedicated to my Grandfather

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