disaster_orchid (disaster_orchid) wrote in seriouspagans,

Cosmic Calendar

You should still be on a roll after yesterday's Jupiter turnaround. However, this planet of large-scale plans and big dreams will really need several days or a week to gain some speed. In addition, the time-period just before a New Moon can represent a cycle for ending old business and completing enterprises begun in the past four weeks. Utilize the morning hours to take stock of what's been going on in your life during the previous month. Eliminate behavior patterns that are holding you back. At 2:56PM PDT, there is the New Moon - activating 17 degrees of Gemini. After this time, you can rev your engines in business, communications, school work and literary endeavors. There is an extra potency regarding romance, artistry and social activities to this New Moon as the orbit of Venus also intersects the zodiac at 17 degrees of Gemini. Find new ways to enrich your love life now and over the next few weeks. Unfurl your creativity by writing poetry, taking photos or playing music. This is amplified by the monthly Moon-Mercury union that strikes at 1:16AM PDT tomorrow. Catch up with e-mail and other correspondence this evening.
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