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Daily Cosmic Calendar
Provided by Astrology.com
Once you get through the Moon-Mars union (2:40AM PDT) -- a time of potential emotional fireworks and volatility -- it would be great to report that there is clear sailing for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, that is not quite the case. You have to contend with a lunar void cycle from 10:54AM PDT until 5:08PM PDT when the Moon starts a new cycle around the zodiac by entering fiery Aries. This is a 6 hour time-period when you want to refrain from making important decisions or signing any contracts. This is made all the more critical by a Sun-Uranus square (6:59PM PDT) from Gemini to Pisces. Any frictional link between the center of the solar system (Sun) and the first planet to be discovered (Uranus) can stir up revolutionary, radical and shocking views, attitudes and actions. By expecting the unexpected, you wind up preparing for the worst and yet hoping for positive, Uranian lightning-bolts to strike your mind and bring intellectual illumination. Many people get the jitters, feel anxious and nervous under a Sun-Uranus 90-degree pattern. Anything you can do to keep yourself and loved ones calm will prove indispensable. Think more about ways to strengthen your leadership credentials this evening once the Moon is safely located in Aries.
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