All Fae Dae, September 21st, Everywhere You Make It

The eyes of the king are upon Ye!

All Fae Dae
(September 24th, "to be celebrated the Sunday before,
which is September 21st this year)

"Isn't it about time for the magical to have an "over the top" holiday, one of good intent? We, the Indigo, Shaman, Fae, Pagan, Spiritually inspired artist, need A Calendar Hallmark Moment each and every year, one worthy of handmade greeting cards and not the cheesy store bought kind, for our special people. This holiday must never go commercial.

We must aspire to do for others on this day, through the works of our own hands, words of love, wisdom and encouragement, moments of great affection (Just ask before you grab.)."

These are some of the suggestions of The Faery King in addition to these.

(And yes, the 24th of September is his birthday.)

It is also the time of Harvest, of Mabon. Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, Autumnal Equinox. Call it what you like but make this a great day, one of amnesty for transgressions through the atonement of making people feel better about themselves, creating together. Just create it, call it and make it happen.)

Let the festivities begin around noon and continue through the night. (Until it's called.)

(You might want to plan to go to work late on Monday, if at all. Sunday is everyone's day, by the way. That is why it is to be celebrated on Sunday.)

Healing through art.

Little prayer boats of flowers, candles, lanterns and floating sage and incense for water.

Glow sticks, works of art and little lights floating too.

(Lakes, swimming pool, bath tubs are big cauldrons, no?
An elemental altar.

Sand castles and paintings.

An altar of cream, sweet cakes and sparkles for the Fae.

Chalk mandala in peet moss.

Altars of good intent constructed by guests.

Planned and spontaneous performance.

Drum, dance and other instruments.

An alchemic feast, where food is prepared by the community together, with a drum or three.



Flower petals.

Build with blocks together.

Erector sets.

Make an instrument.

Play cards, it is Sunday for Goddess sake.

Mead and Ale for those who do and nectar for those who don't drink.

Toast Queen Mab.

Toast the Goddess,
The ancestors and the elders, as well.

Public expressions of gratitude to others,
Mad hugging of people and trees,
(Say Hi to Thor if it's an Oak)

As a tribute to Pan, take bits of food and chalices of beverage; feed and beverage your friends from your own hand. Do not let them lift a finger for awhile, until they are satisfied
Keep a never ending story book, where each guest contributes one word to the book that tells our story, a chain of wish beads, contributed one by one for your community.

Sacred geometry.

Shakers and rattles to go with the beats.

Prayer flags.

Singing bowls.

Sand painting.

Water sharing.

Touching the elements with song and poems,
Draw, paint, sew, create, design.

Touch the Divine!
All magical instruments, (HANG it, if you got it!)
Plenty of sage and incense.

Masks and finery.

(sky clad and body paint where you can)
A bardic effort.

Incantation and chant.

The host must bless the crowd at midnight.

A huge OM at dusk. "Good bye the Sun, thank you for making our day."
Keep your dreams and imagination on this, adding or subtracting to the list.

Make it your day!

The inspiration for the Faery King's proclamation of this holiday comes from many places, but the better part of it came from Sacred Soulfire, an amazing magical experience, July 4th weekend 2008, through the efforts of Shaman mz imani and the magick that she brings to the world, as she helps others to co-create, build community, as we help ourselves and others bring peace to the world in our lifetime. Sacred Soulfire is the place of great change!

This year the Phaerex is in a state of celebration for 48 years of a very magical life of ups, downs and lessons, sometimes given at the hands of The Fae, a life in which he envies noone, living or dead. It is gonna be a big party, hopefully in many places.

The house will be a rockin, as the wizardly are working it and talking!

The Gossamer Court
Http://www. myspace. com/yust_the_faery_king
Http://www. myspace. com/the_gossamer_court

please sign this petition against kathy lee for her remarks

The links now work thanks to Night Flower. Please pass this on.


It has been a long time since I have posted, hoping some may remember me, and hope all are doing well :)

"As much as His Highness is trying to conserve his energy for Sirius Rising and Starwood some challenges do find him that need to be dealt with. He and Jordan take their role within this very diverse combination of tribes very seriously. They are only about two hundred signatures short of the needed five thousand to protest Kathy Lee Giffords thoughtless negative remarks about pagans."

Being as the Video The Faery King Posted is important, as well as the Petition regarding Nasty Pagan's I am hoping I have created WORKING links to both.

Faery King's You Tube Video Link ::Click::

Nasty Bad Pagans Petition ::Click::

Love and Light~
Night Bloom
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Cosmic Calendar

You should still be on a roll after yesterday's Jupiter turnaround. However, this planet of large-scale plans and big dreams will really need several days or a week to gain some speed. In addition, the time-period just before a New Moon can represent a cycle for ending old business and completing enterprises begun in the past four weeks. Utilize the morning hours to take stock of what's been going on in your life during the previous month. Eliminate behavior patterns that are holding you back. At 2:56PM PDT, there is the New Moon - activating 17 degrees of Gemini. After this time, you can rev your engines in business, communications, school work and literary endeavors. There is an extra potency regarding romance, artistry and social activities to this New Moon as the orbit of Venus also intersects the zodiac at 17 degrees of Gemini. Find new ways to enrich your love life now and over the next few weeks. Unfurl your creativity by writing poetry, taking photos or playing music. This is amplified by the monthly Moon-Mercury union that strikes at 1:16AM PDT tomorrow. Catch up with e-mail and other correspondence this evening.
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Thursday is a YANG or male energy ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck. The colors are royal purple and royal Blue. This day has the energies of luck, growth, expansion, generosity, male fertility, olden men, masculine side of the female, legal matters, health, honor, wealth, clothing, desires, mens professions and spiritual attainment, the Tree is the OAK

Moon is in Aries


Waning Moon, Fourth Quarter

Incense: Geranium

Color: Turquoise

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My name is Rick. I am 26 years old and engaged to the best woman ever. I am one of the 2 people that started this community. I wanted a place where everyone felt welcomed and you werent judged or ridiculed because you asked for advice or just wanted to tell some of their on personal beliefs, experiences, or abilities. I am a firm believer in an open mind and so is my fiance disaster_orchid.

As far as my personal beliefs I am a strong believer in neutrality and follow it to the best of my ability. My fiance would say I am a bit on the darker side of things and need to learn compassion..... I would have to agree with that. I was taught by my mother who told me some of what i know today. Most of what i have learned came after the initial part of things wen i started doing things without her help or guidance.

As far as advice and things I will asnwer pretty much any question I actually know the answer to if not I am quite sure there is someone out there who can so feel free to ask anything. If you are one of those people who would like to be mean and downgrade the others and their beliefs I will gladly remove you from the member list.

Sorry if the journal seems a bit run together my writing skills have somewhat declined in recent years. Hopefully not my spelling though. If I missed something you want to know about me or anything else just let me know.
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Wednesday is a YANG, or male energy ruled by the planet of communications, Mercury. Wednesdays colors are yellows, greys, violets, and opalescent colors. Wednesday has the energies of mental clarity, communications, writing, strategy, divination, young people, knowledge, business negotiations, teaching, addictions, reason, debt, fear, loss, self improvement and healings. This day is also good for groups and travel and the tree is the HAZEL.

The moon is in Aries

Waning Moon, Fourth Quarter 7:47am EST

Incense: Gardenia

Color: Maroon

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This was pretty neat.

Daily Cosmic Calendar
Provided by
Once you get through the Moon-Mars union (2:40AM PDT) -- a time of potential emotional fireworks and volatility -- it would be great to report that there is clear sailing for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, that is not quite the case. You have to contend with a lunar void cycle from 10:54AM PDT until 5:08PM PDT when the Moon starts a new cycle around the zodiac by entering fiery Aries. This is a 6 hour time-period when you want to refrain from making important decisions or signing any contracts. This is made all the more critical by a Sun-Uranus square (6:59PM PDT) from Gemini to Pisces. Any frictional link between the center of the solar system (Sun) and the first planet to be discovered (Uranus) can stir up revolutionary, radical and shocking views, attitudes and actions. By expecting the unexpected, you wind up preparing for the worst and yet hoping for positive, Uranian lightning-bolts to strike your mind and bring intellectual illumination. Many people get the jitters, feel anxious and nervous under a Sun-Uranus 90-degree pattern. Anything you can do to keep yourself and loved ones calm will prove indispensable. Think more about ways to strengthen your leadership credentials this evening once the Moon is safely located in Aries.
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Moon enters Aries 7:07pm CST
Waning Moon, Fourth Quarter
Incense: Gardenia
Color: Maroon

Tuesday is a YANG or (MALE) energy day, ruled by the planet Mars, its colors are REDS of all shades and some Oranges. These are the colors for courage, revenge, power over enemies,higher education, endurance, violence, fast action, surgery, breaking away of negative energies, matrimony, war, prison, hunting, politics and physical competitions, leadership, any BLOOD healing, lust and the Tree is the Holly Tree.



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Today is also a good day for...

The Memorial Prayer

Color of the day: Green
Incense of the day: Chrysanthemum

Today we honor war veterans. Find an object symbolic of some-one you wish to remember, and place it on your altar as an offering of thanks for those who have fought for freedom. Spend a few minutes today reading about history, watch a documentary program, or visit a memorial site and speak these words, either out loud or to yourself:

Today we honor those who have fought and those who have fallen.
Life holds many battles.
Lend us their strength,
grant us their courage.

I like to do this because of everyone I've known who has faught in wars, died in wars, and survived wars.

**dedicated to my Grandfather

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